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Open Spaces in Apold

We are leaving Târgu Mureş early in the morning in a crowded minibus. Nobody thinks that we are going to fit in this bus. But we are in. Again a wonderful sunny day and we crawl across the Transylvanian highlands. Foggy meadows. The peaked towers of Sighişoara appear in the valley. A taxi takes us further south to the fortified church of Apold.

We meet with Marlen Hoesselbarth and Leonie Rhode who have been living and working in the village for some time now. Their idea is to revive the open spaces in and around the fortified church together with the local people. The church once belonged to the German protestant community of the village. But after the 1989 revolution most Germans left the area so that the building is out of function today, except for a monthly service. Renovation is going on slowly but stable and sensible.

Transage is doing a complex work here. How to bring back a piece of the village landscape to a community to which it had never belonged before? We spend some time in the sun waiting for another minibus to bring us back from here. Children. Horses. Bicycles. This place takes its time. It’s so different. Tonight be will be in Bucharest.

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