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A Sunday Walk in Timişoara

Walking in Timişoara on a sunny Sunday. We reach the historical center from the North Station and meet our friends in front of the opera house. Alex and Coco. Children feeding the pigeons like in Venice. A group of old men on their bench talking about policy like on a Greek agora.

We then head on to the orthodox cathedral located between the old town and the green belt along the Bega canal. Such a relaxed atmosphere all around, few people a this early hour but a wonderful light through the autumn leaves. We get down to the canal and walk along the water. This is the green and blue backbone of the city. Would be nice to take a boat, get down the river, leave the city, pass the flat landscape and continue down to Serbia, to the Danube. But no boat today, maybe the next time.

We can not pass further so we have to get up to cross the street. The chicken say hello to us. There are chicken at the edge of the road. Shouldn’t they be here? But this question does not matter any more. They have conquered their place. Assertive chicken pick the traffic.

Real chicken look like sheep and they live in the swimming pool. A real agave imitation is as real as a real agave. Even if you do not want to like it. Benches.

Benches along the Bega canal. Have you ever seen so many benches before? Forgotten rose gardens. Old willows. Benches. Fishermen. But the fishermen will not sit on the benches. Maybe the fish will do later.

Siesta time. Alex and me continue our walk to the factory area. An area waiting for redevelopment. Who will have the power to transform this? Hard to imagine. Piata Traian. Sleeping beauty with a love angel on the roof. Back to our friends along the canal.

Fife landscape architects talking about their future plans.

Finishing the day on a wine festival. Horses fly with two legs. Smoke and corns. Sunset.

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