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Timişoara - A Walk at the Edge of the City

Equipped with pink tickets we take bus number 15 to the edge of the city on Monday morning. Traffic jam, Botanical garden, Iulius Mall, cemeteries, housing blocks, last stop. Coco picks us up in the morning sun and we meet up with Alex, Raluka and Cristi.

Entering the quarter and we stop at a garden with flowers and many cats. Healthy cats with shiny hair. The old woman is very proud of her flowers. But who will take it over? Human scale, we feel comfortable here at the edge of Timişoara.

We continue to the North beyond the city border. Many new big houses here, fences, dogs, expensive cars, conifers. Endless. Is this individualism? Lonely beyond the the city. So different.

We return to the city and pass at the landscape architecture department.

Back into town to the flower leave atelier. You will make it.

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