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Pro Europa and a Sleeping River

Ilona seems to know everybody in this town so we get a date with Smaranda Enache who is a local politician for Liga Pro Europa. Amongst other things her party is active in establishing intercultural dialogue among the ethnic groups. We only have an hour with her but each of her sentences opens a new story. Its about the hope for democracy after 1989. The founding of the party at this very early stage. Her endless fights against visible and invisible frontiers, both in policy and in society as a whole. Its all about building up mutual trust, confidence, tolerance, citizenship. The urgent need for decentralising Romania. Transsylvania is a multicultural region. Can this regional identity help bridging the ethnic gaps?

In the afternoon we start to look for the river. Mureş. A canal seems to be a good point to start. We follow. Passing the railway tracks, small houses, the hippodrom. The river still hides behind its banks. There it is. But it seems to have no flow.

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