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About this Journey

Romania is not far away. And yet, we feel an internal distance, there is still so much unknown. We want to trace our internal distance to the other. Is there a way to grow closer to this country?

The first phase of this project aims to study people and public open spaces in Romania with artistic means. We aim to document our experiences and observations in the form of a video installation. In a second project phase, the installation will travel across Europe and appear in different urban open spaces. New spatial and mental connections between European cities will be created.

We want to enter the subject with the help of Romanians who are dealing intensively with their environment. Landscape architects and artists from Timisoara, Bukarest and the rural region of Transylvania will be our door openers and guide us to relevant local people and places. This will initiate the first phase of our artistic analysis. Amongst others, the following questions will guide our analysis: Where do people take us? What is the character of this place? How do they present them to us? What do we observe? Who is there? What are people’s relations to this place? What is important? Habits? Rhythm? Love? Community? Contrast? Is transformation going on?

The project is an interdisciplinary collaboration of artists and landscape architects.