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Bucharest without Sun

We get on the trolley bus to change our accomodation to the other side of the town. Riding on the bus is fine if you have time. Traffic came over this town like a wave, cars are everywhere. The structure of Bucharest is incredible. One-store housing pavilions from the turn of the last century in the middle of huge gardens give the impression of a villa rustica. They are surrounded by high housing blocks and office building. The town is full of construction sides. Gara du Nord is not the best place to rest for three women.

We meet Ioana at and the speed of our preambulations has to adapt to Bucharest conditions. I do not remember how many kilometres we made across the town but it was much. Ioana knows Bucharest very well. We get a quick summary of the face revolution, pass construction sites and monuments down to Casa Poporului. We find a piece of  wilderness behind this vacuum building. Finally a place to take a breath.

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